Anunt August 2020

Dear faithful,

As of august 12, 2020, 

We are finalizing the detailed specifications for the General Contractors 

– our goal is to send out the request for proposal in September

We are continuing to explore the options for the exterior painting, using Keim technology.

The status of the building permit wit DPS: 
– there are only two disciplines for which we expect approval
– we will clarify the comments and provide the answers to DPS in  the next couple of weeks

Electrical Denied 1) Solar system cannot be with commercial building, it must be filed separately
2) Note: delete drawing E 800 and E 801 which are for solar system and file them separately with new AP#
Architectural Denied There is a problem with uploading the drawings set most of the drawings are not openable.
Structural Approved  
Mechanical Approved  
Green Building Approved  
Well and Septic Approved  
Park and Planning   Approved  
Zoning Approved